Biurk was a Devaronian captain who commanded the Shamunaar during the Second Galactic Civil War. The Shamunaar was the flagship of the picket screen monitoring the Bothans, who had declared their support for Corellia and readied assault fleets which the Galactic Alliance was keeping a close eye on. Should the Bothans attempt to leave the system, the Shamunaar would forewarn fleet elements stationed at the Blockade of Corellia, amongst others.

However Biurk's mission was compromised when the Sith-influenced Admiral Matric Klauskin was sprung out of his mental hospital by Lumiya. Klauskin reached the picket screen, and tricked Biurk into thinking that traitors had riddled his command. Transferring each 'traitor' to positions off the Shamunaar, and subsequently arresting them, Klauskin succeeded in reducing the entire picket screen to the Shamunaar only. When engaging the crew of the frigate in a simulation, Klauskin locked himself and Biurk in the auxiliary bridge. The moment Biurk voiced the commands necessary for the control of the ship, Klauskin shot him three times, killing him. He then proceeded to open all of the hatches on the ship, exposing the entire vessel to vacuum other than the auxiliary bridge. The liberated Bothan fleet was able to leave the system and break the Blockade.



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