The Bivalva contemplativa were a species of clams native to the planet Perilix[1] of the Colonies Region.[2] They exhibited multigenerational narrative semaphores, which caused dispute among the xeno-ethnologists of Coruscant as to whether the Bivalva contemplativa possessed true sentience. Some of the ethnologists argued this characteristic only reflected a form of hive building insufficient to demonstrate true sentience, while others argued it constituted conversation between individuals. Despite this argument remaining unresolved up to 20 BBY, the controversy earned them the nickname of the "thinking clams of Perilix."[1]

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The Bivalva contemplativa were created by Sean Stewart for his novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, published by Del Rey in 2004. They later received a mention in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, although it referred to them as the "Bivalva contemplative."[3] In reality, Bivalva is a class used in biological classification for a type of species that has two shells, as opposed to classes such as gastropods and cephalopods, which only have one shell.[4]



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