Bix Arden-Govia was a male Human and the scion of two prominent families on Bakura. He left to become a ship's boy and was aware of the Ssi-ruuk before their invasion of Bakura. He owned the Silver Cratsch.


Bix fled a pampered life on his family's estate in southern Prytis to sign on as ship's boy for a freighter out of nearby Gymelo. By the time of the Sii-ruuvi invasion of Bakura, he knew more about the Shiritoku worlds than maybe any being in the galaxy, and was notorious for telling anyone who would listen that vicious aliens haunted the Spur's fringes. At some point, Bix mellowed toward his homeworld and returned to buy his own namana plantation and even deigning to reenter Salis D'aar society, which found him rather dashing.

Personality and traitsEdit

Bix Arden-Govia presented a cool front to newcomers but was easily drawn out by anyone looking for a good spacer's tale.