Bixby was a Corellian Corvette that served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


During a hit and fade strike against an Imperial convoy leaving the Dellalt system as part of a resupply operation ahead of a suspected Imperial offensive, Blue Squadron reported that the crew of Bixby wanted to defect. Captain Hamo Blastwell and Lieutenant Keyan Farlander were scrambled to destroy the convoy, consisting of BFF-1 bulk freighters Arreis, Orcim, Esorp, Nigiro and Murtceps while Y-wings guarded Bixby. The transport Dagger docked with the corvette and transferred an Alliance team to secure the ship. The Imperial Nebulon-B escort frigate Gorgon arrived too late to prevent the now captured ship from returning with the Alliance team. Bixby's' commander, Captain Nogdra, revealed that the Empire was planning a major offensive called Operation Strike Fear, beginning in that system.

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