"The Black Codex, back there - everything we are, in one digital box."
Hunter to Cipher Nine.[src]

The Black Codex was a data storage system used by the secret Star Cabal and its core dated nine hundred years old by the time of the Cold War. During that time, it was constantly augmented with new technology and contained the collective secrets of the Cabal's conspiracies around the galaxy. Its data allowed the group to maintain its contacts and remain hidden from galactic powers while using their hidden influence to achieve their goals.

It was stored at the Cabal's headquarters around Corellia when an Imperial Agent managed to board the base whereupon Cipher Nine managed to acquire it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Depending on the player's choices, the fate of the Black Codex can go many different ways. If given to the Minister of Intelligence, Cipher Nine can choose to erase their identity. If given to the Sith, Nine will have a place in the new Sith Intelligence. If the agent let Ardun Kothe escape at the end of chapter 2, Cipher Nine can also give the codex to him and become a double agent for the SIS.