Black Curs Blues was an adventure for the West End Games Roleplaying Game. It was written by Peter M. Schweighofer and illustrated by Chris Gossett. It was published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal 8.

The adventure was split into two parts. In the first, a group of New Republic Intelligence operatives were dispatched to Moorja to aid Dirk Harkness and his crew in evading various Imperial forces. Harkness had just finished a reconnaissance mission as detailed in the article Recon & Report: The Journey to Coruscant from Star Wars Adventure Journal 2. Once this mission was successfully completed the operatives were dispatched to the planet Canyon to investigate a possible find of lightsaber crystals. It was actually a trap set by Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan who captures another operative, Platt Okeefe. The operatives then set about rescuing Okeefe from Golthan's fortress on Voktunma.


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