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Black Eleven was a shipyard assigned to the Imperial Navy forces of Black Sword Command, later captured by the Yevetha.


In 4 ABY, Black Eleven was based at the Yevethan world of Zhina in the Koornacht Cluster.[1] Eight months after the Battle of Endor, the Galactic Empire evacuated the planet, and the Yevetha seized the opportunity to capture several of their vessels during the events. Black Eleven was subsequently appropriated by the Yevetha. The shipyard was later moved to a secure location.[2] By 16 ABY, the Yevetha had moved the Black Eleven Fleet to the Doornik-1142 system, on the edge of the Koornacht Cluster.[3] It was almost discovered when the New Republic scout ship Astrolabe arrived in the system on a mapping mission at the start of the Black Fleet Crisis, but the interloper was destroyed by the battle cruiser Purity in order to protect the fleet.[4] The New Republic became aware of Black Eleven's existence from Davith Sconn, but they failed to locate it in the initial phase of military recon missions conducted by the 21st Reconnaissance Wing after the Battle of Doornik-319.[1] Ultimately, however, the action by the Purity betrayed the location to the New Republic, as it allowed Admiral Ackbar to surmise that the Astrolabe had stumbled upon one of the ex-Imperial shipyards.



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