The Black Hole was a region of the Labor Valley on the planet Corellia that served as an industrial site for the processing and storage of hypermatter. This volatile and toxic substance was a vital fuel for lightspeed travel.

During the Galactic War, Corellia itself was invaded by the Sith Empire which brought about the end of the Treaty of Coruscant that had led to a tense peace with the Galactic Republic. However, losses sustained by the Empire at Ilum and Denova led to their forces being fragmented which in turn forced them to pull away from the Core Worlds. At the time, General Adele Konya who was stationed at Horizon Outpost at the edge of the Black Hole was in charge of the Imperial Military forces in the region. She charged with sabotaging the Black Hole in order to deprive the Corellian fleets of vital fuel and leaving the planet isolated while the Imperial forces entered into a full retreat.

However, she faced opposition from Councilor Torvix who had recruited a criminal army and had taken the Black Hole facility. As a result, General Konya was forced to recruit an Imperial official with taking back the site from Torvix's forces.

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The Black Hole is a Daily Mission Area in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic that was first added in Game Update 1.2: Legacy on April 12, 2012. The game's first Daily Area, it serves as a continuation of the world storyline for Corellia.[1]


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