"The secret to our mouthwatering nerfsteak is the seasoning: a unique blend of Serrian salt, tertium, punctil and black hole pepper that's been handed down in my family for generations."
―The menu at Dex's description of nerfsteak and eggs[src]

Black hole pepper was a type of pepper used as a seasoning in cooking. The Besalisk chef Dexter Jettster's eatery, Dex's Diner, which was located in the CoCo Town district of the planet Coruscant, used it to flavor several dishes. A AurebeshSans-Serif credit12.5 breakfast dish consisting of Nerf steak and two gartro eggs used the pepper as part of a special seasoning which had been passed down in Jettster's family for generations and consisted of the pepper, Serrian salt, punctil, and tertium. Gartro egg salad sandwiches, a lunch dish costing AurebeshSans-Serif credit5.5, also used the pepper along with Serrian salt as seasoning for gartro egg salad with emulsauce, Boontaspiced mustard and taba leaves all served on therm-zapped Pseudograin bread. As a dinner meal Dex's served grilled Opee sea killer fillet seasoned with the pepper and Roonan lemon, then served with celto and Iskalonian tartar sauce all for AurebeshSans-Serif credit9.7. Each of these dishes was served[1] prior to the eatery's destruction in around 18 BBY.[2]

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"Having "space-y" names for science fiction food is the oldest trick in the book, but if you're working with something as goofy as Dex's, you need to have fun and throw in a few of those"
―Gregory Walker[src]

Black hole pepper were first mentioned in the 2009 Hyperspace exclusive article, Dining at Dex's, which was written by Gregory Walker.[1] They were one of several foods in the article which were given space based names, with the pepper's being a reference to black holes.[3]


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