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"You'll be sitting right across from me, where I can keep an eye on you."
―Blackout, to CT-1284[src]

"Blackout" was a Clone Commander who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. During the Battle of Christophsis, Blackout formed part of the clone crew aboard the Republic stealth ship.

His helmet was decorated with Jaig Eyes, drawn in a slightly different style than those worn by CT-7567, a battle honor given to those that have shown bravery on the field.[3]


Blackout, a special ops Clone Commander, served onboard the Republic's experimental stealth ship under the command of General Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Wullf Yularen.[2]

During the Battle of Christophsis, Blackout took newcomer CT-1284 "Spark" under his wing on their mission to deliver vital supplies to Senator Bail Organa on the surface. When General Skywalker decided to take on Separatist commander Admiral Trench directly, Blackout assured Spark that this was the norm for the ever-offensive Skywalker.[2]

After several engagements with Trench's command ship, the crew of the stealth ship were able to destroy the cruiser, allowing the delivery of supplies to the planet's surface. After arriving, Blackout officially welcomed Spark to the crew.[2]

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