Blackwind Crater was a large, isolated crater over 250 kilometers northeast of Taleucema. Because of its subterranean hot springs, the crater's interior was a sweltering combination of jungle and marshland. Its walls were particularly steep and treacherous and the various species native to the area had long been isolated from others of their kind on the planet's surface. Roughly six kilometers east to west, fourteen kilometers north to south, and nearly 120 meters deep, the crater's floor was hidden beneath a thick jungle canopy. A large pride of thaelos resided in the jungle while a number of colorful avian species filled the upper branches.

A series of tunnels in the eastern wall of the crater were utilized by a mercenary group known as the 1st Platoon during the Galactic Civil War. Known as the Barracks, these mercenaries used the tunnels as a secret base of operations, going forth into the jungle on routine patrols of the crater. The heart of the Barracks was known as the Mausoleum, a place where the mercenaries burried their dead. The only structure standing in the crater was a facility used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. After the war's end, the base was abandoned for fifteen years until it was occupied once more by the pirate group known as the Veiled Sorority. Dubbing the facility the Vault, the Sorority made the facility usable once more and updated its defense systems.