"No! Lieutenant, please forgive me. Our air force is very new, the pilots not yet very experienced. They acted on their own initiative. They will be punished. But that's not what I'm calling about"
―Governor Watesk to Garik Loran[src]

Blackwing Flight was a squadron of Z-95 Headhunters that belonged to the world of Viamarr 4.


During Night Caller's periodical visit to the planet, they launched two TIE Fighters to buzz the capital city of Velery. They were surprised by the sudden appearance of Blackwing Flight and was ordered by Blackwing One to land at Velery Station. What the planetary government didn't know was that Night Caller had been commandeered by the New Republic starfighter group Wraith Squadron, and the pilot of one of the TIE's was celebrated pilot Wedge Antilles. He and Falynn Sandskimmer, the pilot of the other TIE, outflew Blackwing Flight without engaging in lethal hostilities. The engagement broke off when Velery Station ordered Blackwing Flight to stand down.