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New Repulusorlifts

Senator Blagotine and a Toydarian

Blagotine was a Human male Republic senator and a member of the Official Association of Republic Academies.


Roan Novachez received a letter from Blagotine, rejecting his application to Pilot Academy and recommending the Tatooine Agricultural Academy as an alternate school. Fortunately for Roan, he was instead accepted to the Jedi academy on Coruscant.

In Roan's second year at Jedi academy, he and several other students were made to take a trip to watch the operations of the Galactic Senate following a food fight. During the senate session, Blagotine introduced a bill to change how bills are introduced by senators. He also presented a bill to customize repulsorlift seats.

In an Ewok Pilot comic drawn by Roan Novachez, Ewok Pilot was assigned to fly Senator Blagotine to Coruscant. Blagotine was aghast that the "furry little monster" would be assigned to fly him, but was told that he always got the job done. Blagotine arrived on Coruscant safe, but rather queasy.