The Blank Look Gang or blankers were a mid-level criminal organization that worked from the lower levels of the planet Coruscant during the Rise of the Empire era. They specialized in petty theft but had the means for a number of larger heists just rarely the opportunity. At some point during the gangs time on Coruscant they were hired by a wealthy client from the Core Worlds to steal a collection of Antique Twi'lek pots from the Galactic Museum in CoCo Town. They sent three members, Urnon Mossu, Hewpaj and a third female member to collect the pots however the trio was foiled by a group of spacers hired by the museum or the Blank Look gang's rivals the Lost Ones.


This band of small-time thieves was active on Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. They were well-armed and had the funding to carry out large heists, but never had a real opportunity until they were contracted by an off-world collector to steal certain pieces of art from the Galactic Museum. Among the artworks was a collection of ancient Twi'leki pottery, which the Museum had planned to sell at auction. The Blankers, as they were known, managed to reprogram one of the Museum's ASP droids, giving it instructions to steal the pottery and then "accidentally" walk off a ledge. The Gang was waiting below the ledge, and caught the droid and tried to make off with the pottery.