The BlastBoast 2000

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"Sorry, medical insurance is not available to participants. Always wear your flight helmet."
―BlastBoast 2000 advertisement[src]

BlastBoast 2000 was a weekly demolition race that was held in Echnos City. The course, which was constructed within the Echnos Exhibition Dome, was crammed to the gills with dangerous mazes, hazardous landscapes and deadly obstacles.



Two BlastBoast 2000 speeders ram each other.

The objective was to race along a course, consisting of dangerous sections with names such as The Death Maze, eliminating as many opponents as possible underway. There were no rules, except only three types of vehicles were allowed, which had to be rented from the racing authorities. Several exit points were located along the course for survivors of disabled vehicles. Anyone could participate; all one had to do was register and pay a registry fee as well as a rental fee. Prize money were given to those who made it through the course without too much damage. Death and serious injuries were not uncommon in these events, and much focus was placed upon the violent nature of the sport, even within BlastBoast 2000 advertisements.

Permitted vehiclesEdit

Permitted vehicles were: