"Advantage #7: Blast Proof. The LIN Demolitionmech is One Tough Droid."
―Excerpt from the advertising campaign for LIN Demolitionmechs[src]

Blast Proof was the title of advertisement made by SchaumAssoc for Cybot Galactica's LIN Demolitionmech line of droids as part of their advertising campaign. In the advertisement, several demolitionmech were floating free in space while being fired at by the turbolaser of a battleship. Despite the heavy amount of fire, the droids, which had been knocked around violently due to the laser bolts, emerged intact without a scratch. Numerous customers actually decided to test the blast-proof quality of their demolitionmechs by exposing them to blaster fire. In real life, the droids were obviously not blast proof, and Cybot Galactica received numerous inquiries and even more complaints from their customers. Initially, Cybot Galactica pointed out to complaining customers that it was merely a "clear comic exaggeration," but eventually they decided to pull the ad altogether.


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