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Blaster gas was a chemically-enhanced fluid that was used in blasters. By emitting the gas through several chambers the blaster converted the gas into a particle beam. There were hundreds of different types of blaster gas in use throughout the galaxy, such as tibanna from Bespin. The six most common types of blaster gas were eleton, orveth, prothium, sig, skevon and tolium. Blaster gas contained many chemicals and minerals that enhanced the beam a blaster was able to fire, and it also influenced the color, properties and density of the beam. On remote and barren worlds like Tatooine where blaster gas was in short supply, the people were forced to rely on more primitive forms of defensive weaponry. Some people even resorted to stealing and smuggling rarer types of gas to make a larger profit, or to keep for themselves. The black market also employed several weapon development companies, allowing them to get word of new blaster gas ideas from scientists before they came out on the market. An example of such a company would be Blethern Gas Industries, who harvested gas from many planets, such as the gas giant planets of Bespin, Yavin, and Taloraan.



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