Blastpike Flightknife was a unit of Adumari Blade series starfighters. It was personally commanded by Major Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, along with his wingman, Major Wes Janson.

During the Adumari Civil War, this flightknife, flying for the Yedagon Confederacy, was staffed with pilots who were highly-skilled in terrain-following flying. During the opening stages of the brief conflict, they flew into enemy airspace at low altitude to avoid detection from the series of lightbounce sensors that guarded the border to Cartann. They then set themselves up in deep cover beneath the projected engagement zone. Before the start of the battle, they let loose a volley of missiles into the clustered Cartann flightknives which were flying in formation, effectively taking out multiple fighters per missile in the first few seconds of action.


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