Bleak Point Invasion was a battle fought in 13 ABY at Bleak Point Station on the planet Nam Chorios. It was fought between the Therans and the Newcomers. The goal of the newcomers was to destroy, or at least disable, one of the turbolaser stations to allow one of Seti Ashgad's ships to get through the barrage.

The battleEdit

The battle began when Beldorion unleashed a Force storm on the station. The Therans then took their defensive positions as the attackers climbed on the walls of the station. The battle was stopped when Leia Organa Solo explained to the newcomers with the help of Luke Skywalker and some documents that she gained from Ashgad's own computer.

The chaseEdit

A rationalist was still able to throw explosives into the cannon, badly damaging it. Ashgad and Dzym were then able to flee in their ship. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo went to Seti Ashgad's house to get the Z-95 he kept in his hangar to chase him. It was then that Leia dueled with Beldorion. She finally killed him when Luke was lifting off and chasing Ashgad. He had almost reached the enemy ship when Moff Tol Getelles' ships attacked him. His ship fell into the atmosphere and crashed into the desert.

Calling for helpEdit

When Luke crashed on Nam Chorios, he was able to communicate with tsils and convinced them to help him. They forced their captured brothers in the enemy CCIR Needle to shoot at Ashgad's ship, destroying it, after which they fell into the planet's atmosphere.


At the station, Han Solo reunited with Leia and Luke saw Callista, just saying her goodbye. They then climed into Admiral Daala's shuttle and discussed the plan to destroy the droch that had already been sent to other planets such as Cybloc XII.


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