"Good work, soldier. I'd hate to see all my groundbreaking work fall in to the hands of these Rebel scum. I will make my way to one of the escape pods now. I will also make sure to let your commanding officer know how well you took care of the vermin on this ship."
―Doctor Bledsoe to his rescuer[src]

Bledsoe was a doctor and Imperial expert in disease and medicine. He was captured by Rebels during the Galactic Civil War, but was saved by a band of Imperials working for Colonel Darkstone. He was the namesake of the deadly Bledsoe's disease.

Behind the scenesEdit


Possible depictions of Doctor Bledsoe

The appearance of the prisoners which appeared in each of the three Corellian corvette missions was randomly chosen using one of five Interchange File Format files titled shared_dressed_dathomir_prisoner. These included a Rodian, Zabrak, Nikto, and two Humans. As Bledsoe was a xenophobic Human, either one of the two Human depictions may be his actual appearance.



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