Blessed Toxmalb was one of the oldest members of the entropy worshiping organization known as the Sorcerers of Rhand.


"Only power is real, and the only real power is the power to destroy. Existence is fleeting. Destruction is eternal."
―The core tenets of the Sorcerers of Rhand.[src]

Blessed Toxmalb was a member of the Sorcerers of Rhand. Residing in the Nihil Retreat of the Unknown Regions, the Sorcerers were a group of beings who believed in a power greater than the Force which they called the Dark. By following the Will or the Way of the Dark, they were granted special powers. Toxmalb was one of the oldest members of this order, and due to over a century of darksight path-walking, he obtained the position of Rhandite Lorekeeper.

Toxmal lived in the crumbling aerie of the High Tower Observatory of Rhand´s central ruin. Spending his time storing treasures for safekeeping and translation, he was also known for sometimes guiding visitors on the twelve worlds of the Nihil Retreat.

Personality and traitsEdit

Blessed Toxmalb was considered to be a repulsive being by most sentients; his body had been so destroyed by the dark side of the Force that his skin was nothing but powdery dry flakes which fell away from his body in rivulets, while his eyes were simply sunken holes. He was noted for being tall, and though he was bipedal, his species was unknown.

Toxmalb was a master of numerous languages, especially those of the Unknown Regions, able to speak Basic, Anzat, Cheunh, Drommnyr, Ebruchese, Killik, Minnisiat, Sy Bisti, Tof, Vagaari, among many others. His voice was a dry croaking sound.

He dressed in ragged, decaying robes and wore a shadow crown buried underneath his skin.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Toxmalb was an extremely adept dark-sider and was able to call upon many aspects of the the Force. In addition to simple Force powers such as Force sense, telekinesis, and farsight, he was also a master of Force lightning, Force grip, and Force rage. The shadow crown buried into his skull allowed him to control and communicate with over a hundred different beings throughout the worlds of the Nihil Retreat, who were known as "Pawns" and were fully in his thrall.

The darkflies that inhabited his head and flesh were subject to his whims, and at his direction would erupt from his body to attack his enemies. Though the flies could not bite, they would form a suffocating cloud that would choke his enemies to death.

He was also fully immune to any mind tricks.


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