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"Without it, an outsider cannot even see the gateway to the Dark Heart."

The Blessing of Oneness could be applied by Voss Mystics to the outsiders seeking entrance to the Halls of the Unforgotten in the Dark Heart, where Sel-Makor's influence was strong. The Blessing was one of the ways Voss were able to hold at bay the darkness of the Nightmare Lands, the other was the ritual of Ki-Da. The Emperor's Voice received the blessing before entering the Dark Heart, of which the hermit Madaga-Ru was aware. In 3641 BBY Madaga-Ru sent the Emperor's Wrath to Mystic Vana-Xo so that she could bestow the Blessing of Oneness upon the Sith as well. Vana-Xo tried to ask the Sith for a measure of the life force that could be used to heal the injured. The Wrath refused the offer, but received the Blessing nonetheless and was able to go into Oneness in the Dark Heart.