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Blibbie was a male Sullustan archaeologist who worked as a guide for the Dorumaa Excavation reproduction at Rorkee, in the gas giant Genarius, as of 31 BBY.


Blibbie pointed out the supposed ancient writings in the walls of the Excavation and explained its importance. However, Blibbie himself had no idea of the real meaning of the marks, so he simply told the tourists what he thought they wanted to hear, and hoped that they would return. In 31 BBY, Blibbie took part in a premeditated cave-in in the Excavation. Blibbie's accomplices wanted to stage an accident to kidnap a visitor, Dr. Shilaea Motacc, for their own motives. They contacted the archaeologist because they wanted to harm the minimum possible amount of people. The kidnap was a success, although Blibbie's exact task in it is unclear. After the abduction, a group of people went to Rorkee searching for Dr. Motacc undercover. Blibbie correctly assumed what was their mission, and feared that they could be mind-reading Jedi. The Sullustan bought and drank a special drug so that, should a Force power be used against Blibbie, he would feel nausea and vomit, which would give him a good excuse to walk away without blowing his cover.


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