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Blind Fury!
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Alan Moore


John Stokes


John Aldrich


James Sinclair

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Dark Horse Comics

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Rebellion era

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Blind Fury! is a comic story first published in Marvel UK's Star Wars Monthly 159, written by Alan Moore. It was later reprinted in Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds 1.

Plot summaryEdit

A young Luke Skywalker is training with a remote while blinded, imagining he is in hell, attacked by beasts, with his X-Wing on automatic pilot when suddenly he gets a distress transmission from a woman, only hearing the words 'Garn' and 'tower' before the signal degenerated into a battle of static.

When he reaches Garn, it seems as a diseased bloated world, and he hears terror in the woman's voice. Realizing that he heard of Garn before but not remembering what it was, Luke enters the planet. He sees the tower, jutting like a cancerous talon from the dismal landscape. As Luke enters the tower, the door closes behind him and he sees dark beasts. A man's voice welcomes him to 'the halls of his damnation'. Luke discovers soul-snares, capable of holding a life force for all destiny and then discovers Jedi Knights in armor.

The man speaks again claiming to be 'the vengeful remains of Rur, high shaman of the terrible glare', although these were supposed to be eradicated by the Jedi thousands of years ago. The man explains that his body was no more but that his mind was encoded and preserved within the devices of knowing and that he traced Luke because of his sensors detecting a lightsaber. Because Rur had been in the computer for so long, he lost track of time, thinking the Pius Dea crusades were only months ago, when they were actually thousands of years ago.

Understanding the danger he is in, Luke tells him that all the Jedi are killed and that he got his lightsaber from the last one. Thinking Luke is lying the man checks his sensor but finds that Luke's pulse has indeed stayed calm. Realizing his vengeance is in vain, he destroys the labyrinth.

While watching the flames for a long time, Luke thinks of hatred and of obsession and blindness. That of Rur and that of his own.


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