"Blind berserkers" were a type of cloned Lugubraa soldier which formed the Leech Legion. They were genetically modified from their native stock. During a period of civil war, the Crokes purchased these clones from the Kaminoans, attempting to wipe out the invasive and violent Lugubraa who had spread across their homeworld. In the end, however, their purchased clones proved to be just as voracious and deadly as their genetic stock, and wreaked havoc upon the Croke as well.[1]

Many years later, the blind berserkers and the Leech Legion were utilized in a war against Niorde. The Niordi resorted to extreme measures to combat the invasion of their homeworld, and turned some of their scouts into living weapons. Unfortunately for the Niordi, by the time the experiment was completed and the surviving subjects were ready for battle, their planet had already been overrun.


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