The blister pods of a Sea Leviathan

Blister pods were small nodes that were a powerful part of both the Leviathan, and its aquatic counterpart, the Sea Leviathan, both being forms of Sithspawn. All leviathans were alchemically-engineered bioweapons, and the blister pods served as their primary means of attack. When a victim was in close proximity of the Leviathan, land or sea, the blister pods would absorb their life energy, effectively killing the victim. In the case of the Sea Leviathan, the blister pods only affected the members of the Mon Calamari species, and did so uniquely, not only absorbing their life force, but their sentience as well. This allowed the Sea Leviathan to become more sentient itself, and also caused it to act and think like its Mon Cal victims.


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