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BloodScar base was a mining complex on planet Gepparin, which had been converted into a headquarters of the pirate organization known as BloodScars. It was destroyed in 0.5 ABY, when the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Reprisal bombed the installation in attempt to kill an Imperial agent, Mara Jade, who had infiltrated the pirate organization.


The BloodScar base was built into a mining complex located on the planet Gepparin, where the pirates had been running their operation for about two years in 0.5 ABY. Part of the mining operation was still kept running to cover pirate shipping that was flying in and out of the base. The base was protected by laser cannons. A miners preparation room had been turned into a welcoming center, where new arrivals could be searched with scanners and detained with wall restraints if necessary.


The mining complex on Gepparing was used to produce low quality ore, but about 1.5 BBY BloodScar pirates took over the operation.


"How many crew are typically at the base?"
"Depends on whether there are any ships there. There are only thirty or so full-timers, but a couple of unloading ships could double that."
Mara Jade and Tannis[src]

The usual crew of the pirate base had about thirty people, including the leader of the BloodScar pirates, who was known as the Commodore.