"Blood Sisters" is the eighth episode of the Star Wars Rebels animated television series' second season.[2] It is the twenty-third episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on November 18, 2015 on Disney XD.[1]

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While on mission to rendezvous with a courier holding secret information, Sabine encounters someone from her past: a bounty hunter named Ketsu. But is she friend or foe?[2]

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On the planet Garel, Hera Syndulla sends out Vaux and a woman to pick up fighter parts in the market, just as Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger and Chopper show up. Syndulla has a mission for Wren: there is a courier who has secret information, and she wants Wren to pick him up and transport him to Havoc Outpost. She says the information this courier is holding is very important, so she has to get it through. When Wren asks what this courier looks like Syndulla has no clue, but knows he will respond to the given code phrase "It’s a long way to Alderaan." With orders understood Wren heads out to meet with the courier, with Bridger and Chopper as backup. On the way, Bridger speaks to Wren about how he sees her as a loner, because she usually handles her missions alone and prefers to be alone. As he goes on, Wren spots a marking she appears to recognize painted on a wall. But then she regroups with Bridger and the three of them make it to where they are to meet the courier. As passengers depart arriving shuttles, Bridger and Wren try the code on each passenger and on each civilian that passes them. Apparently nobody responds to the phrase and a few awkwardly walk away. Hours past, the hanger was closing and Bridger and Wren have still not found the courier. Finally they discover the courier to be a Gonk Droid called EG-86, who came in with the cargo. They also discover that someone else is after the courier as well. A bounty hunter whom Wren identifies as Ketsu Onyo.

Bridger learns from the two of them that they have a history together, as Ketsu helped Sabine escape from the Imperial Academy on Mandalore and then became bounty hunters. According to Wren, they had plans to join the criminal syndicate known as the Black Sun, but Onyo got greedy and left her for dead while she alone became part of the Black Sun. Onyo tells Wren she would have been better off dead than joining the Rebellion. She even learnt that the Empire had put a bounty on her, however she doesn't intend to collect on it as her main priority is the courier. Wren warns Onyo that she won’t let her take him, and just before the two are tempted to take on one another they are interrupted by stormtroopers. They remind them the hanger is closed and instructs them to leave, but Onyo responds by shooting at them, and a gunfight occurs. As more troopers show up, Bridger instructs Chopper to get EG-86 aboard a nearby shuttle while he, Wren, and Onyo hold off the Stormtroopers. As soon as the droids are on board, Wren and Bridger join them. Chopper shuts down the pilot droid and Wren powers up the engines. But as they take off, Bridger falls overboard and is left behind. Meanwhile the Stormtroopers surround Onyo and hold her at gunpoint. Then after ordering her to drop her weapons, Onyo suddenly attacks and takes out the troopers in hand to hand combat. Then she retreats, jumping onto a departing shuttle and onto the roof where her ship, the Shadow Caster, is waiting.

Meanwhile, Wren and Chopper are now out in space, and despite leaving Bridger behind they proceed with the mission in getting EG-86 to the rendezvous point. Then just before making the jump to hyperspace, they detect Onyo’s ship approaching. She comes up from behind and opens fire on the shuttle, knocking out their hyperdrive. Wren can guess what Onyo’s next move will be and orders both droids to lock their feet down. Onyo comes up beside Wren’s shuttle and shoots the side door open, causing a haul breech. Chopper gets sucked into the vacuum of space but EG-86 and Wren get trapped in the doorway. With a bit of a struggle, Wren manages to activate the force field, sealing the breach. Onyo comes up face to face with Wren’s shuttle and makes contact. She threatens to blow her up unless she surrenders the droid. Little does she show that Chopper, after a moment drifting in space, is on her ship and proceeds in sabotaging her weaponry. Wren sees this and keeps Onyo distracted long enough for Chopper to disable her main cannon. While Onyo expresses how proud she is to be part of the Black Sun, Wren only shows disgust for almost having that life, as she knows the Black Sun are slavers and assassins who don’t care about anything but body counts and quotas. They would also kill their own for a profit. After Wren again refuses to hand over the droid, Onyo regretfully opens fire on her old friend, but thanks to Chopper the guns are disabled. Wren bids her farewell and hits the thrusters with Chopper in follow, but Onyo captures him in a tractor beam and holds him hostage. Wren turns back and docks with the Shadow Caster, agreeing to make a trade. Meeting face to face, Onyo can see that Wren is still not willing to give up the courier. She offers to split the bounty with her if she hands over the droid, but Wren tells her she is no longer into making profits as she now part of the rebellion's fight against the Empire. Onyo shows little confidence that the Rebellion can overthrow the Empire and tells Wren it’s foolish to even try. To her survival is what really matters and people cannot be trusted. Wren tells Onyo the Rebellion gave her a second chance in life. Back when she was only out for herself, she met good people who helped her become more that what she use to be and fight for a right cause. She forgives Onyo for abandoning her and offers her a second chance. Just then, they receive a transmission from an approaching Arquitens-class command cruiser that has been tracking down the stolen shuttle and threatens to open fire if they try to flee. This issue forces Wren and Onyo to work together once again.

As the Imperial vessel approaches, Wren has a plan and instructs Chopper to overload the hyperdrive on the shuttle. Then she contacts the Imperial vessel, warning them that their ships have suffered severe damage and are in danger of self-destruction. The Imperials scan and confirm Wren’s report. The commanding officer gives them two minutes to stabilize the situation before moving in to dock. Onyo begins to see Wren’s plan. She’s going to blow up the shuttle, giving them the time they need to escape. Using explosives stored on the Shadow Caster, Wren plants them all over the shuttle ready to blow. She then reactivates the Pilot droid and instructs it to take emergency protocol before retreating to the Shadow Caster. The Imperials notice the shuttle is powering up and begin to open fire. They hit the docking tube and Wren is knocked out by the blast. Onyo is prepared to make the getaway but the droids refuse to leave Sabine behind. Two against one, Onyo rescues Wren as the shuttle attempts to rip away from attachment with the Shadow Caster. Finally everyone is aboard and the Shadow Caster detaches from the Shuttle, but both ships get caught in the Imperial’s tractor beam. But then the explosives aboard the shuttle go off and destroys the vessel, colliding with the Imperials in the process. They lose hold on the Shadow Caster and the ship escapes to hyperspace.

Afterwards, Wren, Onyo, and Chopper arrive at Havoc Outpost and deliver EG-86 into safe custody. They are greeted by several Alderaan rebels including the astromech droid R2-D2. Then they return to Garel and land where Syndulla and Bridger are waiting for them. Syndulla congratulates Wren on a successful mission and thanks Onyo for her assistance. Before going their separate ways, Wren thanks Onyo for saving her and tells her if she ever thinks about helping the Rebellion she will be welcomed. Then after shaking on it, Onyo boards her ship and departs as Bridger and Wren look on.



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