"It was the habit of the Bloodfin's security team to gossip about what they observed on their surveillance vids?"
"Not normally. I happened to be close with a FinSec officer."
―Counselor Eramuth Bwua'tu questions Lieutenant Lydea Pagorski[src]

Bloodfin Security, commonly abbreviated as FinSec, was the designation for the forces responsible for security operations aboard the Imperial Remnant Star Destroyer Bloodfin.

In 41 ABY, the Bloodfin was engaged during the Second Battle of Fondor. When Admiral Gilad Pellaeon refused to comply with the Sith Lord Darth Caedus' orders to ignore the ceasefire and attack Fondor, Tahiri Veila assassinated him with the support of the Moff Council, including Quille and Rosset. The assassination instigated a mutiny aboard the Bloodfin among the crew, stormtroopers, and other security forces. The Bloodfin was then boarded by Mandalorian Protectors, which resulted in the deaths of many of the ship's crew including its security forces.