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Bloodory's distillation was a fluid created by the researches of Doctor Bloodory, a scientist on Aquilae.


It was extracted from the brains of scientists, and contained their knowledge and experience. Just prior to the Galactic Empire's assault on Aquilae, 33 vials were prepared for Luke Skywalker to take to the Chrome Companies on Ophuchi. The vials would be payment for aid against the Empire. Injecting the fluid into the brains of clones would permit the replication of these scientists, including all their training and intelligence. Skywalker carried the vials in a special shock belt designed to protect them from harm. The vials never reached Ophuchi, as Skywalker's mission was diverted by the destruction of the hijacked Imperial starship over Yavin. It is unknown whether the knowledge to make the distillation died with Dr. Bloodory when the Underground Fortress was destroyed with nuclear bombs by the Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is the first mention of the concept of clones in the development of the Star Wars saga.

It is unclear whether the process kills the scientists who underwent it.