Bloodprice was an Imperial Patrol Frigate of the Grand Imperial Navy.


Like its crew, Bloodprice technically served the Imperial Navy of Sector 5, but bore allegiance to Foga Brill's Constitutional Protectorate of Prakith. In 17 ABY, Bloodprice's crew included commanding officer Captain Ors Dogot, Lieutenant Sojis and Yeoman Cligot. Tasked with patrolling the farthest ring of Prakith's defenses for potential military threats and commercial seizures, Bloodprice discovered the Teljkon Vagabond. Thinking it a ripe target, Captain Dogot ordered a barrage of ion cannon fire at the Teljkon Vagabond, unaware of its capabilities. In response, the Vagabond fired upon Bloodprice, sending its ionization reactor critical and destroying the ship in a single fusillade.


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