This article is about a swoop gang. You may be looking for the predator after which it was named.

The Bloodsniffers were a swoop gang that operated in the Quence sector and numbered at least 100 riders. Named after a blood-sucking predator native to the planet of Kamar, the Bloodsniffers favored modified swoops manufactured by Kuat Vehicles, which were painted bright red, with the riders wearing jackets of the same color. Their modus operandi consisted of targeting an isolated community that was far from help, hampering its ability to summon assistance by cutting off its ability to communicate with other communities, and then taking anything of value before help could arrive. Communities that did not appease the the Bloodsniffers' demands faced the prospect of ending up like their first known victim—a farming village on Xiunsrus that the gang destroyed when it refused to pay them 10,000 credits.