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Blue 77 Squadron was a starfighter squadron that served as part of the Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. Mostly consisting of X-wing starfighters, the squadron participated in the Battle of Jakku.


After receiving reports of Imperial activity in the orbit of the planet Jakku, Admiral Gial Ackbar sent a reconnaissance team to investigate with Blue 77 Squadron accompanying them as a security escort. Upon emerging from hyperspace, the group quickly ran into a group of TIE fighters guarding a Star Destroyer in orbit around the planet. In the skirmish that ensued, the Star Destroyer was taken out and the recon team quickly returned to Rebel base.

Behind the scenesEdit

Blue 77 Squadron was created for Hyperspace Mountain, a Star Wars-themed overlay of the Space Mountain attraction for Disneyland's Season of the Force event and Hong Kong Disneyland's Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover. The Squadron takes its number from 1977, the year both Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and the Disneyland incarnation of Space Mountain first premiered. [1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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