"We've got ourselves a Hutt problem. Two low-lifes called Bo-Dum and Rarsk acting like they own the planet. We need help to get rid of them. Professional help."
Jenna, to Han Solo[src]

Bo-Dum was a member of the Hutt species and a minor crime lord. With his fellow Hutt Rarsk, Bo-Dum imposed his rule on a planet of the Outer Rim Territories for a time. Ultimately, the two Hutts were defeated by Han Solo, the famous Corellian smuggler, and his co-pilot Chewbacca.


Early careerEdit

"If we don't make some real money soon, we'll never buy our way back into the Cartel."
Rarsk, to Bo-Dum[src]
Huttese fish beer

Bo-Dum (left) and Rarsk were once members of the Hutt Cartel.

Bo-Dum was part of the Hutts,[1] a species of rotund, hermaphroditic gastropods that were reputed for dabbling in shady business throughout the galaxy.[3] He and his partner Rarsk were once part of the Hutt Cartel,[1] a crime syndicate and an alliance between several Hutt clans,[4] but the two were evicted from the organization. Unable to buy their way back into the Cartel, the two low-life Hutts came to impose their law to a planet of the Outer Rim Territories that had a Corellian settlement. They notably had some of their thugs kill the sheriff of the settlement so that the colonists found themselves without a lawman to protect them. Additionally, Bo-Dum took a fancy to Jenna, the late sheriff's daughter. The Hutt's interest in the young woman, however, was far from reciprocated.[1]

Meeting the Corellian KidEdit

"You won't get away with this, Solo. I'll put a price on your head so high, even the Mighty Jabba will turn bounty hunter!"
―Bo-Dum, to Han Solo[src]

At some point, the famous Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca crashed on the planet aboard their ship, the Millennium Falcon. A trio of pirate drones owned by the Hutts managed to shoot the Falcon down, although its crew survived. Unbeknownst to Bo-Dum and his partner, Jenna convinced Solo to help the settlers to get rid of the Hutts. Meanwhile, Bo-Dum and Rarsk learned that the ship their drones had shot earlier was salvageable, but were not informed of its owner's identity.[1]

Bo-Dum and Rask

Rarsk and Bo-Dum (right) emerge from their landspeeder.

Upon arriving to the Corellian settlement, Bo-Dum discovered that Jenna was waiting for him. He attempted to molest her, but was interrupted by the growl of Chewbacca, whom Jenna described as the new sheriff. As Bo-Dum did not wish to confront a Wookiee, he retreated to the local cantina with Rarsk so they could make new plans. While the Hutts were discussing, a masked individual who called himself "the Corellian Kid" informed them that the crashed ship was that of Han Solo. Knowing that one of their fellow Hutts, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, had put a price on Solo's head, Bo-Dum and Rarsk decided to hire the Corellian Kid, promising that he would get forty percent of the bounty after salvaging the Millennium Falcon's wreck. The next day by dawn, Bo-Dum, Rarsk and the Corellian Kid embarked for the crash site on board of a landspeeder. Once they arrived, it became obvious that the whole bargain was a trap. Not only were the Corellian settlers waiting for them in arms, but the Falcon had been repaired to its full working order. The so-called Corellian Kid, who was none other than Solo in disguise, left the Hutts alone in their vehicle a split second before the settlers attacked. Emerging from his now battered repulsorcraft, Bo-Dum witnessed the Millennium Falcon taking off, taking Solo, Chewbacca and the Corellian settlers with it.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit


Bo-Dum was a green-skinned Hutt who bore tattoos.

Bo-Dum: "Jenna. You become more incandescent every time we meet. I was so sorry to hear about your father."
Jenna: "Sorry? It was one of your thugs that killed him."
―Bo-Dum and Jenna[src]

Hermaphroditic like all other members of his species,[2] Bo-Dum nonetheless possessed a masculine personality. He was known to have had a lust for at least one female Human,[1] a preoccupation that most other Hutts regarded as both perverse and inexplicable.[5] As with all Hutts, Bo-Dum was large and plump. He had yellow eyes and green skin.[1] While the Hutts were not defenseless, with their tails that could be used as weapons to bludgeon their enemies to death,[6] Bo-Dum was too cowardly to engage in a fight against Chewbacca. On at least one occasion, Bo-Dum made use of hypocritical humor, noting how "sorry" he was upon "hearing" of the demise of Jenna's father.[1]


Bo-Dum wore a purple pauldron on the right shoulder and a chunky bracelet on the wrist of the corresponding arm. He also sported various tattoos on the belly, tail, chest area and around the eyes.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bo-Dum first appeared in The Corellian Kid, a comic written by Chris Cooper and illustrated by Andres Ponce, which was published in 2014 in Star Wars Comic 11.


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