Bo Vanda's holocron was a Sith holocron created by Bo Vanda. The gatekeeper of the holocron was Sith Lord Kla. It also housed the spirit of Komok-Da. Bo Vanda herself was a practitioner of Sith alchemy in the old Sith Empire. She enjoyed torturing and performing cruel experiments on captured enemies, especially Jedi, and this contributed to her immense knowledge of alchemy. Kla, however, was a humanoid Sith Lord and Sith alchemist of the old Sith Empire from the time of the Great Hyperspace War. He attempted to trick users of Vanda's holocron, telling them that they needed to take it to Korriban to use it; in reality, he wished to go to the planet to gain enough strength to leave the holocron and possess the user's body. Komok-Da was one of the Sith species and a weapons master. He had great knowledge of various weapons, including Sith poison and lightsabers. Though he seemed to be an academic, in truth he would only share his knowledge with those who would kill in cold blood for that very purpose.