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A boat on Drexel

Prior to interstellar travel, boats, also known as ships, were utilized for aquatic or maritime duties by both civilian and military usage. They were made out of wood or metal, depending on the era or purpose needed. As such, any ships that were destroyed sometimes had their remains sink to the bottom of the water floor. While many in the galaxy required the need to travel between the stars, those constantly living in one place on their home planets required less sophisticated varieties of transport.


The boats of Somov Rit varied in size, but seemed to follow similar, simple designs. The people of Somov Rit used longpoles to push the boats through the marshy waters. The elder Governor Quarg of Drexel exiled a number of technos on the boat to be left adrift, thinking they would perish at the sea; instead, they became the first Dragon Lords. On Naboo, both Gungans and the Human colonists developed a variety of sophisticated aquatic vehicles. Nevertheless, simple fishing rigs were still used by the fishermen, such as ones in the Solleu River in Theed. Simple wind-blown boats and canoes were also used by people of Cerea, as well as Ewoks.

The fishermen of the Rebel Alliance safe world colony Sanctuary used steam-driven wooden seafaring vessels to catch fish in the planet's deep oceans.[1] During the Galactic Civil War, the self-styled Governor Quarg and his ship-dwellers lived in the Great Ship, a reconverted aquatic vessel that served as a floating habitat.



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