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Bob Hudsol was a male human who served as a Commander[2] in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. When the Alliance attacked the Empire's Death Star battlestation in the Battle of Yavin, Hudsol monitored the attack from the Rebel strategy center in the Great Temple of Massassi on the moon Yavin 4. After Death Star was successfully destroyed, the Commander attended an award ceremony in the temple where the pilot Luke Skywalker and the smuggler Han Solo received medals.[1] As soon as the ceremony ended the Rebels began rushing to evacuate Yavin.[3] Hudsol had fair skin, brown eyes and gray hair.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bob Hudsol was played uncredited by actor John William Ault[4] in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope in 1977.[1] The character did not received a name until he appeared in 1996 on a card in the A New Hope Limited expansion set of the Star Wars Legends Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher, Inc.[5] Hudsol's name was the confirmed to be canon in the reference book Ultimate Star Wars, which was released in 2015.[2]



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