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The Boba Fett Fan Club is the premiere web site for fans and spectators of the cult phenomenon behind the bounty hunter Boba Fett from George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Since 1996.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Ask Jeremy - Bio, CV, Interviews, Trivia, Schedule
  • Bounty - Apparel, Books, Media, Print, Unique, Toys
  • Film & TV - TV Spots, Animated, Clones, New Hope, Empire, Jedi, Holiday, Droids
  • Humor - Cartoon, Stories, Caption Contest
  • Games - Arcade, Add-ons, Shoot Boba, Trivia
  • Manual - Behind the Mask, Costume Guide, Quotes & References, Tech, Iconography, Resources, Histories
  • Multimedia - Fan Films, Fan Music, Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Desktop, Image, Video, Audio
  • News - Search, RSS Feed, Editorials, Published, Polls, Archive
  • Community - Message Boards, Fan Spotlight, Chat, Mailer

History of BFFCEdit

It is a not-for-profit web site designed, written and maintained by volunteers with original content from three of Boba Fett's talents: Jeremy Bulloch, Mark Austin and Daniel Logan.

This is the longest lasting Boba Fett web site on the Internet. Most famous as The Boba Fett Multimedia Vault, the site began in June 1996 as a monthly newsletter, reaching 200 subscribers in less than six months. With the help of publicity on Jesse's Boba Fett Page, the Fan Club was able to grow because of the "Hunter's Journal" newsletter. By January 1, 1997, the site joined forces with Daniel Sully's Boba Fett Homepage, who allowed the site to be hosted pro-bono with the likes of JediNet, creating fun thematic elements like a members section of the site, and hosting more like a one-of-a-kind Greedo web site, featuring the bounty hunter Han Solo kills in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

The relationship grew to include the support of Tyler Allison, the original inspiration for developing a Boba Fett web site, since he started the first Boba Fett site, The Boba Fett Home Page, on his college server in 1995.

The site became the award-winning Boba Fett Multimedia Vault, which grew over the year to 10,000 members, signed up to receive the monthly newsletter with news and updates. The Vault returned to its original mission with the launching of the Boba Fett Fan Club site at on April 1, 1999. In 2000, with new hosting provided for free by a local design company in San Francisco called The Parlor, the site merged with Joe Carlson's Boba Fett Internet Archive -- the original home, and creative force, for expanding the fan club.

One day a domain name became available, and for no special price the site was able to have the controversial address. The previous owner, who used the site for non-Fett interests, even had lent extra web space for free in previous years. Unfortunately, on June 15, Lucasfilm sent a cease and desist letter regarding "" and stating their commercial interest. On June 23, the site agreed to turn the domain over, but never heard back from Lucasfilm. After several months of waiting patiently for a response, as well as receiving great support from fans, the club decided to use the domain again.

In 2001, The Boba Fett Fan Club joined with Eric Cromwell's, Boba-Rin's Boba Fett Homepage in Japan, and MICKY's Boba Fett Museum in Poland. Boba-Rin's site became The Boba Fett Fan Club - Japan Edition, and MICKY's site The Boba Fett Fan Club - Polish Edition. Content was collaborative and the foreign sites ran for years. In 2002, IG88A's Bounty Hunters Inc. joined the network at, one of the Fan Club's original addresses, until the Boba Fett Fan Club stopped using the address which misaligned their interests.

On average, The Boba Fett Fan Club receives an incredible 1,000 unique visits each day. The most recent highly has been the release of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, which along with an article in Entertainment Weekly, brought 16,000 visitors to the site on one day.

On May 14, 2005, Peter Hartlaub wrote a cover story for the San Francisco Chronicle on The Boba Fett Fan Club, "Forget Anakin -- for die-hard 'Star Wars' fans, Boba Fett rules."

Boba Fett Fan Club - Message BoardsEdit

The Boba Fett Fan Club's Message Boards currently have over 1,000 members and over 47,000 posts and had an archive of over 1,740 members with nearly 30,000 messages posted circa 2001-2005.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • General - Observations, opinions, and ideas surrounding Boba.
  • Film and Television - From Clones thru Jedi, and the Holiday Special to something new?
  • Bounty Hunters - Hunters like Jodo Kast. Smugglers like Han Solo.
  • Serious Geeking - A deeper look into Boba Fett and the expanded Star Wars universe.
  • Fans - Coming together for our Fettish.
  • Role Playing - Collaborative RPGs and Fett vs. Fett match-ups.
  • Collecting - Since the mail-away promotion in 1978, today anything Fett is still a hot ticket.
  • Creative - Show off your art, fiction, costumes, and more.
  • Dialogue - Discuss the developments of The Boba Fett Fan Club.

Boba Fett fan communityEdit

Members discuss a range of things from general information to the most seriously geeky things possibly known in the wide galaxy about the notorious bounty hunter and go as far as to discuss their vast collection of Fett memorabilia.


There is a very welcoming and warm environment on the boards and the moderators are always willing to add their knowledge and make sure the boards remain a friendly environment. Also members have a dialogue forum where they can discuss improvements to the web site or talk about up-and-coming sections such as Fettipedia.

According to the founder, there are about 100 visitors a day to the boards to read what other Fett fanatics are discussing. Though they do not all contribute, some eventually do add their opinions to a very open and welcoming site that will answer any of the questions they may have.

The members also contribute in ways to each other that they might not otherwise get elsewhere. Members share their custom Mandalorian suit designs as well as building instructions, along with original artwork by the members for others to enjoy.

With the members constantly adding their knowledge, ideas, theories, and questions to the boards and the Content Manager and his team of Moderators adding to the boards, as well as the site, the members always have something to go to each day they sign on.

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