Bobot Beka was a male Klatooinian who lived during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. Beka worked for an individual named Petson Lizze for some time but by 32 BBY was no longer in her employment. By 32 BBY Beka a bounty had been placed on Beka's head by the Toydarian administrator of Outland Transit Station Rozatta. The Klatooinian had painted rebel slang on several of her transports and she offered 2,000 credits for his capture alive, but only 1,000 credits if he was brought in dead. The Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett ran into Beka in Merchant Row on Outland station in 32 BBY, where the criminal attacked him with a blaster pistol along with several other thugs. Fett, who was on the station chasing the Muttani criminal Meeko Ghintee, had also been informed by Rozatta herself of Beka's bounty and claimed it, capturing Beka alive for 2,000 credits.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bobot Beka first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, which was released by LucasArts in 2002. Beka was one of several secondary bounties that players could optionally capture on the second level of the games first chapter. Players could capture Beka alive or dead, or not capture him at all however this article assumes that Fett captured him alive as this is the highest paying option.


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