Bocctyyy was a sub-region of the Etyyy Hunting Grounds on Kashyyyk. It was used as the personal hunting grounds of the Rodian hunter Sordaan Xris. It was only accessible by shuttle.


In 1 ABY, Sordaan met a spacer who had become an accomplished hunter within his camp in a relatively short time. Sordaan, seeking to further test the spacer's prowess for the hunt, proposed a bet. If the spacer could kill a certain amount of creatures in Bocctyyy within a limited amount of time, Sordaan would reward the hunter with a rare weapon from his collection. If he could not, the spacer had to pay up with credits. The spacer accepted Sordaan's terms and the Rodian set up four wagers, each with a different animal. The wagers included uller warhoofs, webweaver spikers, mouf roarlords, and frenzied walluga. One after the other, the spacer completed each wager in record time, to the astonishment of Xris. Humbled by the spacer's impressive killing power, the Rodian rewarded the spacer with four of his rare weapons, including a Tchotchee pistol, a Kalranoos carbine, an acid-coated sword Xris claimed to have designed himself, and a Fallann Hyper-Rifle.

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Bocctyyy is a sub-region of the Etyyy Hunting Grounds on Kashyyyk in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Its addition to the game came with the expansion pack Rage of the Wookiees in 2005. Like many areas in the expansion, it is instanced, allowing each player to enter their own copy of the area, free of other player's influences on the environment.



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