Boddu Bocck was a bounty hunter, wanted for crimes against the New Republic. He had a reddish beard and long hair, and he often dressed in camouflage outfits suited for the terrain his particular jobs would require. He also wore a blast vest for added protection. New Republic Intelligence also believed that Bocck lived out of a personalized YT-1300 light freighter.



Boddu Bocck with his companions Beylyssa and Tolga.

Boddu Bocck began his career in the Imperial Scout Corps, exploring new worlds for the Galactic Empire. He would often bring back live or preserved samples from his missions, creatures or intelligent beings. On his scouting missions, he began to favor the Malkathi Mark VII power crossbow. When he took up bounty hunting, Bocck continued to work for the Empire, as well as the underworld. He was responsible for the assassinations of at least two teams of New Republic scouts. This, along with other crimes, earned him a posting in one of General Airen Cracken's Wanted by Cracken reports.

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Cracken speculated that pride could very well be Bocck's downfall, for he always boasted about the trophies he displayed at his hidden estate. He also would often show off his marksmanship, and Cracken knew why, because he had seen his skill at the Kellermin Competition on Resti Kel.



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