Boffitt Einer was a smuggler who operated during the time of the Galactic Empire. He informed the Empire that another smuggler, Dugtroy Osck, was performing a spice run, an illegal act, and Osck was arrested while Einer took his shipments and the profits from them. Einer was unaware that the spice did not belong to Osck, but rather to a Hutt clan, groups notorious as the most vicious crime syndicates in the galaxy. Osck, being transported to a detention moon on the Imperial prison barge Purge, wrote Einer a letter in which he mockingly informed Einer of this fact, though he did not say which clan was the spice's owner. The letter was recovered aboard Purge after its occupants were decimated by a plague so it is unlikely that it reached Einer before it was released to the public for academic purposes in relation to the history of Purge.

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