"It'll be boiled mealgrain until [the nuna] start laying [eggs] again."
Corr Skirata[src]

Boiled mealgrain was a type of porridge made by members of the Mandalorian culture, created by boiling mealgrain, and eaten for breakfast.[1]

In the year 19 BBY, the Mandalorians of Clan Skirata attempted to farm nuna eggs for their own private consumption at their home on Mandalore. In the early days of those efforts, however, the nuna were unable to keep pace with the demands of such a large clan, forcing the Skiratas to turn to boiled mealgrain for their breakfast needs until the nuna were able to lay more eggs.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Boiled mealgrain was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in Imperial Commando: 501st, the fifth entry in the Republic Commando novel series written by author Karen Traviss, published October 27, 2009.[1]


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