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Bok Askol was a Pacithhip podracer mechanic[1] who was in the spaceport of Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine to attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace[2] in the year 32 BBY.[3] Prior to the race, the Pacithhip spent time in the podracer hangar of the Mos Espa Grand Arena where the mechanic spoke with a[2] Quarren[1] next to the KT9 Wasp podracer of the[2] journalist[4] Clegg Holdfast. Askol then viewed the race itself from the private box of the[2] Toydarian[1] junk dealer Watto in the Arena. The Pacithhip had blue eyes and gray skin. Askol wore a green set of overalls.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bok Askol first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,[2] which was released on May 19, 1999.[5] The character went unnamed in the film[2] but was identified by a card in the Theed Palace Limited expansion for the Star Wars Legends Star Wars Customizable Card Game,[6] released in 2001.[7] The name was confirmed to be canon by the reference book Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia,[1] which was released on April 4, 2017.[8]



Notes and referencesEdit

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