The Bollin Exotic Animal Emporium was a zoo in Bollin on Cularin. It had an assortment of deadly creatures, including the only known captured rancor in the system. Despite its name as an emporium, it did not sell animals, it displayed them. Its most successful act involved the rancor. The owner, Hlisk Squin, worked with two other trainers.[1]

The Emporium was used as a cover for Squin's smuggling operations, although Squin's employees did not know of of the zoo's extra activities. He acted a middle man between pirates in the asteroid belt and buyers of their goods. In the days of Riboga the Hutt, Squin was involved in slave running, using animal pens to move the slaves. In addition, some of Squin's competitors disappeared, possibly given as food to the animals[1]. In 32 BBY, Riboga's successor Nirama made sure that a person who had killed one employee of his ended in the rancor's cage. This death was later covered by news anchor Vell Narot from CSN.[2]