This article is about the Khuiumin Survivors' squadron. You may be looking for the Galactic Alliance Bolt Squadron.

Bolt Squadron was a Clutch starfighter squadron in the Khuiumin Survivors pirate organization. It was considered the most elite of the Survivors' squadrons, and no new member of the Survivors, regardless of their skill, could start out in Bolt. A pilot could only join the squadron through election, and only if a position was opened by a current member dying or, during the Survivors' membership in the Invids, being promoted to the Invidious crew. As the Bolts were considered not only the best of the Survivors but also among the best of the entire Invid group, Leonia Tavira often specifically requested them as escorts for her Star Destroyer.

Its leader was Tyresi Gurtt, and Remart Sasyru and Dobberty were also members. Following the Second Battle of Xa Fel, Jenos Idanian (actually the undercover Corran Horn) became the leader of Bolt Squadron, at the insistence of Tavira. Horn remained in command until his infiltration of the Invids was concluded.