"There are many things that can break a man but nothing more than the Rebellion's disregard for innocent life."
―Var Narek[src]

The Bombing of Rialla Way was a massacre perpetrated by the Galactic Empire on the civilians of Rialla Way, in the city of Livien Magnus, on the planet Ord Radama. The event was masterminded by Captain Malau Jocaos of the Imperial Intelligence in order to blame the Rebellion and make Var Narek an Imperial spy.


When Captain Malau Jocaos of the Imperial Intelligence suspected that his former schoolmate Var Narek had joined the Rebellion, he devised a plan to bring him into Imperial service. He orchestrated an aerial bombardment which destroyed a number of Imperial buildings and civilian shops where the Rebels had supposedly been hiding, causing the deaths of Var Narek's younger brother and all his family. The bombing was quickly blamed on the Rebels, whose actions had led to the deaths of people who had nothing to do with the war.[1]


The loss of his young niece and nephew completely broke Var Narek's spirit, and he decided to side with the Imperials to destroy the Rebel Alliance. He sought out his old friend from his days at school, Malau Jocaos, now an officer in the Imperial Intelligence, and became a traitor to the Alliance.[1]

Var Narek was then sent to the Rebel base on Arda I, posing as just another person in the fight for freedom, where he gathered intelligence for months in preparation of an attack. Several days after the onslaught, Rebel agent Haril Zense determined that the Imperials had masterminded the bombing to infiltrate an Imperial spy in the Rebel Alliance.[1]


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