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Bon Tapalo, formally styled as His Royal Highness, King Tapalo of Naboo, was a male Human Naboo of House Tapalo who served as Monarch of Naboo from c. 65 BBY to 46 BBY. His reign saw his homeworld's full transition into the Galactic Republic as a member world. Tapalo was later succeeded by Ars Veruna as King of Naboo.


In 65 BBY, Bon Tapalo was a front-runner in the election of the next Monarch of Naboo. Tapalo supported his homeworld's complete integration into the Galactic Republic. Although much of the electorate agreed with Tapalo, the more conservative Royal Houses opposed the move for full membership, claiming that it would be at the expense of Naboo's independence. While faced with opposition from the more elite factions of his own people, Tapalo received strong support from outside sources—including mega-corporations such as Damask Holdings and the InterGalactic Banking Clan—that had an interest in Naboo, particularly the planet's abundant plasma resource.[1]

One of Tapalo's supporters was Darth Plagueis, the Dark Lord of the Sith whom Tapalo knew as Magister "Hego Damask", the owner of Damask Holdings. Plagueis traveled to Naboo during the election where he learned that valuable information had been provided to Tapalo by an inside source within his opponent's camp. Plagueis then discovered that the mysterious contact was a young noble named Palpatine, the seventeen year-old son of Cosinga Palpatine and heir to the House of Palpatine. While Plagueis ultimately went on to claim Palpatine as his apprentice, Tapalo won the election and became king of Naboo. His reign—manipulated by Plagueis and other interest groups from behind the scenes—marked Naboo's assimilation into the greater galaxy.[1]

Tapalo was later succeeded by his political ally, Ars Veruna. Like Tapalo, Veruna also owed his throne to Plagueis' contributions to his election.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Bon Tapalo was regarded by conservative factions as a corrupt politician and a radical reformer who wanted to sell out Naboo's independence to large corporations that were only interested in their planet's plasma. He was also not opposed to accepting political and financial support from wealthy off-world sources in order to secure his own election to the throne.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bon Tapalo first appeared in the novel Darth Plagueis.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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