The Boneyard Rendezvous, also known by the false ID High Tide, was a pirate vessel captained by Byalfin Dyur. The pirates were contacted at some point before or during 40 ABY, and were instructed by Lumiya to track Ben Skywalker during his quest for the Amulet of Kalara. The bulk freighter was located in one of the spaceports on the moon of Drewwa as it observed Ben. Dyur had it disguised as the High Tide under the pretense of operating a droid business. In reality the freighter was heavily modified, with the cargo holds outfitted to transport starfighters.

The crew of the Boneyard tasked the courier Faskus to take the Amulet to Ziost as per Lumiya's instructions. When Faskus arrived, TIE/LN starfighters from the Boneyard strafed his vessel, the Blacktooth. The same fighter later destroyed the Y-wing Ben Skywalker had stolen as he pursued Faskus to the planet. The Boneyard remained in orbit as it tracked Skywalker's progress across Ziost. When Dyur was ordered by Lumiya to kill Ben, he sent down pilots to carry out the murder. However Skywalker had been crucially underestimated, sending one TIE fighter packing and destroying another, then proceeding to escape the planet in a Sith Meditation Sphere and launch an attack on the freighter.

In the strange and powerful craft, Ben sent metal balls fired from a magnetic accelerator hurtling into the ship, damaging thrusters and engines and putting whole launching bays out of commission. The freighter rolled and began its descent to atmosphere, but Ben continued his assault, collapsing its shields and severing a comm antenna. The pirate freighter was assumed destroyed.



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