"Corewatch is simply too dangerous to run around loose …"
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Bonic Tarracus, codenamed Corewatch, was an extremely reliable agent throughout the Galactic Civil War. An agent for the Rebel Alliance, Tarracus was stationed amongst the Core Worlds for most of the war. Around 0 BBY false information planted by the Galactic Empire resulted in Tarracus leading a group of Rebel agents to their deaths took a tremendous toll on his psyche and subsequent information provided by him has been inaccurate due his poor mental health. After the Battle of Yavin he retreated back to his homeworld, Coruscant.


Bonic Tarracus was born on the planet Coruscant sometime before the rise of the Galactic Empire and the New Order. He vowed to do whatever he could to destroy the Empire's grip on the galaxy. He assumed the code name of Corewatch and used his considerable disguise skills to impersonate Imperial officers around the Core Worlds to gather vital intelligence for the Rebel Alliance. Due to the sensitive nature of his mission few members of the Rebel Alliance even knew that 'Corewatch' existed and fewer, if any, knew his true identity.[1]

The Empire became aware that covert information was being leaked and COMPNOR planted false information in order to identify the spy. In 0 BBY Tarracus reported on one such false piece of information regarding an Imperial munitions dump. A Rebel strike team composed of several top commandos of the 177th Light Infantry Division was inserted into hostile territory to blow up the target and Tarracus joined the team, posing as a commando. The resulting ambush captured and killed everyone else on the 20-man squad. Tarracus barely escaped the ambush and began relocating between Core worlds at a quicker pace. Meanwhile the Imperial officer that Tarracus had impersonated was captured by COMPNOR who believed him to be the Rebel spy.[1]

Meanwhile Alliance Intelligence believed that the agent 'Corewatch' had been captured as Tarracus broke contact with the agent's control officer. By 0 ABY Tarracus had resumed his clandestine work and reported accurately about a convoy of military supplies headed to a new covert COMPNOR installation on Belshar Othacuu. Alliance Intelligence was cautious that this could be an Imperial trap and sent only a small investigative team but they confirmed that Corewatch's intel was valid. Since then due to Tarracus' poor mental state five of fifteen pieces of data provided by him have been spurious and often dangerously inaccurate. Again Alliance Intelligence believed that 'Corewatch' had been turned into a double agent and the Empire was feeding "good" information to Corewatch in order to set up Alliance Intelligence for traps and ambushes. When it was discovered that Corewatch was set up on Coruscant, General Airen Cracken urged the Alliance to make an effort to capture or, if necessary, kill the potentially turned agent.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Tarracus was a nondescript Human male of average height, weight, and build. He had short light brown hair and kept himself well-groomed. Tarracus harbored severe feelings towards the Empire after witnessing the decline and fall of the Galactic Republic first hand on Coruscant. Originally a smooth operator, the disaster involving the 177th and his own near-death experience took a severe toll on his mental state. He became increasingly paranoid and moved between Core worlds at a frantic pace. His poor mental state also took a toll on the quality of information that he delivered and he went from being completely reliable to careless in a matter of months due to the event. He favored no typical habit for style or speech as he felt that any reoccurring habits could be recognized and prove ultimately fatal.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Tarracus was a highly skilled impersonator who used his abilities of disguise and mimicry to infiltrate the Empire. He was able to impersonate high ranking officers at very public situations, like dress balls and other functionaries, without anyone suspecting anything. He was then able to simply ask other Imperials about "his current project" to gather all the intelligence he needed. He was so skilled that when COMPNOR planted false information as part of a spy hunt, the officer he impersonated was arrested for being a spy instead of anyone suspecting a mimic. He was a quick study and was very fast and accurate with his mimicry being able to blend into a wide variety of social situations. He could also speak a variety of languages, dialects, and accents. Tarracus was also highly skilled with blasters and had the skills to credibly impersonate a Rebel commando. He would often disguise himself as part of a tactical team to follow up on his own intelligence in order to ensure that everything went smooth.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bonic Tarracus was designed by Eric S. Trautmann for Cracken's Rebel Operatives, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1994.


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